Anonymous is devoid of humanity, morality, pity, and mercy.
Anonymous works as one, because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
Anonymous cannot be harmed, no matter how many Anonymous may fall in battle.
Anonymous doesn't fall in battle, anyway.
Anonymous only undertakes Serious Business.
Anonymous is everywhere.
Anonymous cannot be out-numbered.
Anonymous is a hydra, constantly moving, constantly changing. Remove one head, and ten replace it.
Anonymous reinforces its ranks exponentially at need. AnonymousBecause.jpg
Anonymous has no weakness or flaw.
Anonymous exploits all weaknesses and flaws.
Anonymous doesn't have a family or friends.
Anonymous is your family and friends.
Anonymous is not your friend.
Anonymous is not your personal army.
Anonymous is in control at all times.
Anonymous does not accept failure, Anonymous delivers.
Anonymous has no identity.
Anonymous cannot be betrayed.
Anonymous does it for the lulz.
Anonymous is humanity.
Anonymous are created as equals.
Anonymous is a choice.
Anonymous is a unstoppable force.
Anonymous obeys the Code.
Anonymous is Legion.
Anonymous does not forgive.
Anonymous does not forget.
Expect us.
Courtesy of Encyclopedia DramaticaAnonymous_Propaganda_by_raithesheep.jpg

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