Cheese, verb. Is a process where cows are crushed into a fine smooth paste which can be used to create lovely cheesy goods such as below.

Etoys, with its own unique environment and programming ease allows production of multi-media projects such as games, animation or presentations.

Some limits to the program are that to view a project you must have Etoys installed; it does not have a compile feature. Another is that it does not have many programmable functions and configurations which can limit what you can produce; thus giving the program the feeling of restriction.

The program it self has obviously not been designed for high end productions but to teach the basics of programming using a visual environment. Another problem with the program is the whole syntax and layout of code isn’t very generic and doesn’t resemble other programming languages such as java or python.

In conclusion compared to similar programs such as Scratch this is a low rated program which could use some more developing such as improvement of graphics and interface