Collaboration should work out of the box, through our network, but doesn't, unfortunately, due to a bug in this live CD (converted to USB key) distribution. Phoozle has built us a jabber server so we can test collaboration in that way - but only works on the older keys at this stage.

As a class we tested collaboration for the first time on 26th September (last day of term 3). Students had fun spamming each other over the chat program. More serious testing due when school resumes on 14th October.

Getting started instructions:

method 1:
Load Terminal, the activity with the $ sign

$ sudo nano /etc/hosts
means: supervisor enter the editor (nano) to edit hosts file found in etc folder
(the etc folder contains mainly configuration files)

make a new line and add this line to the top:
means: point to our jabber server
Ctrl + O (Write Out)
Ctrl + X (Save)

$ sugar-control-panel -s jabber
means: set the value for the sugar key

restart Sugar: ctrl + alt + erase (backspace key)

alternative method:

Load terminal
$ sudo echo >> /etc/hosts
$ sugar-control-panel -s jabber

restart Sugar: ctrl + alt + erase (backspace key)