Epic Failure, noun. See Marriage, Death, Sterilisation and John Howard
When no-one fails as much or as hard as you.
The Immortal Dictionary, Azumanga



Good Day Gentlemen, This is a hijack, Get down and remain on the floor, give me all your valuables
and this page so i may use it for my own personal gains and to uploading a Turtle Art thing into the wiki.
Also, Please meet my Colleague Mr. Poison Donut, he will ensure the hijacking runs smoothly
and stop you attempting to be a hero.

Azumanga has reclaimed this page. Note that I have killed Sinister Moon in a coup de'tat and left his corpse in a landfill.
Unfortunately, that landfill was radioactive and reanimated his corpse. Oh yeah, prepare for a mass zombie invasion epidemic

I also have to put up an opinion about ETOYS

Personally, I think the Etoys program is perfect for those little programmers out there. Me not so much because I haven't a scrounce of creativity and Etoys annoys the hell out of me because my USB doesn't work. I think a third world child reeiving a computer with this would be inquisitive and try to learn everything about it. One serious flaw is that it is not an intuitive interface where we can become programming legends right of the bat. Rather, instead of telling users to copy previous projects made orginally, the XOpc should come with help interface in order to explain how each command works. Also. the help interface should have the option of choosing what language you read it in.

I think that the Etoys program can be very fun and interesting to work on as a little project to work on. Though like everybody else the problem with the USB is a great annoyance and can spoil the mood of some people, like the Complaint God, FluX.
From what I think, for a third world child they may like the Etoys but they may get fustrated with it if they do not know how to use it properly so i would like to see what Azumanga has suggested, a help interface to explain how each command works to help them use Etoys with greater efficiency.

A suggestion for Etoys is that they should implement a history to see what we have done in the Etoys painter thing so if we need to undo more than once we can or at least have mulitple undos because only being able to undo once is quite fustrating.