STUDENT COMMENTS AND TIPS ABOUT SVG (scalable vector graphics)

Ok, now about SVG
As I've been working on my SVGs a lot lately I've noticed some interesting things.
Everyone says that Firefox is better then Opera and IE etc. And I agree with them.
However, when it comes to SVG, Opera is the best.

It is called a Scalable Vector Graphic because no matter how much you enlarge or shrink it, the image will not distort in anyway
However, what's the use of making a SCALABLE Vector Graphic if you cannot scale it in Firefox.
With Firefox (Newer Versions) and Opera you can hold down CTRL and scroll up or down and it will make the image on the screen larger
However, older versions of Firefox do not support this and they only enlarge text.
Opera allows zooming up to 1000x and you can do this by holding down CTRL and scrolling up or down.

So for SVGs, Opera is much better then Firefox
But for everything else, Firefox is better then anything else.

I have also found out this:
We all know how there's fill-opacity="0.5" etc.
There is also stroke-opacity="0.5" etc.
And also, if they both have the same opacity and you can't be bothered typing both of them in, you can do this:
opacity="0.5" etc.

Also the reason why I have the etc. after the "0.5" is because you do not need to put in 0.5, it can be any number.
- Death-God, 13th November

Its clever... but there are much easier ways to make nice pictures... i seriously doubt that most people who know whow to use html are artists.

external image plain.png bluefish-icon.svg<----------- SVG file from D://
I couldnt do this through terminal and browse because the computer wouldn't read my usb
- qwerty69, 13th November

Baby Angel:
What is SVG and what does it do?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a W3C standard for vector artwork or drawings as opposed to bitmap images. An SVG document is a sequence of drawing commands in plain text. When the commands are rendered by a browser or other SVG rendering app, you see the image.

The above sequences of drawing commands usually take up less space than a bitmap. In addition, the SVG files, being plain text, can be compressed further by tools. We can make various animations which I love. I like to make SVG web pages. As, I did HTML web pages in Year 9, I can understand this easily.

We can also have free images as people keep 800 os SVG's at under gpl. 'This script' is easy to download images and animations. Its good, isn't it! We can share images together.

Another advantage is we can also provide a transition type images. This will help in showing presentation of Technology.

SVG was interesting to learn, it is the first graphic format I've used which is not compiled and has viewable source code. I like the idea of the svg format because I've always been a fan of vector graphics as I've done a lot of work in Macromedia Flash (AKA Adobe Flash).

The problem with some svg rendering programs is that they don't save the in svg native functions but instead use point-to-point lines to create the image. InkScape on the other hand is designed expecialy for SVG graphic design making the probably the best svg creation program but maybe not as good as Adobe Illustrator in my opinion.

Sweet Angel:
Making svg pictures are difficult and not many people love it because we can't be bothered to position the points on the x/y axis. I think that microsoft picture manager should support svg's just in case you don't have firefox/opera/flock. SVG is supported by most of the models from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Siemens. I want to learn to design webpages and learning about svg's is my first step.

SVG is really good for making graphic pictures but it takes a lot of time for writing he texts and formulas for the drawing. Its takes a lot of time if you want to do complex graphic. The good fact about this is that it doesn;t take that much space as a JPEG image.

But one problem is that when you join one line from other or draw a polygon or a square. The lines are not clearly joined. Even if you decrease the stroke-width it reduces by a bit. Is there any way those sharp edeges can be disappeared.

SVG takes a lot of practise to grt precise in it. I used the inkscape, the problem i faced that i wasn't able to set the size of an image. The good thing is that you don't have to write huge amont of text to get a graphic. This also saves a lot of time and gives the picture more accuracy.

When you make a SVG in a HTML editor than you can't see the image at the

same time; for viewing it you have to save it and view it through the Web Browser.

SVG is a kind of HTML format for graphics that are scalable and can adjust for any system which can render this kind of notation. It is good for making pictures which are very space economical and you can show a lot of initiative when thinking of simple yet complex pictures and making them SVG. It is simple for computer challenged people like me who before this would have thought SVG stood for So Very Gay or something.

The only problem I can see with SVG graphics is that unless you have a web browser program or SVG rendering program then you cannot see the picture you are making. Also making these pictures are time consuming because it is more or less a hit or miss thing because you have to go back and forth between the browser and the HTML editing program. This however could be clearly solved with the use of graph paper but I'm just too lazy.

I have also solved Machineab1's problem in the line not joining clearly. The fact is that if you have used the same coodinate to start or end a shape then there will be a little gap between adjacent lines. The simple way to solve this problem is to adjust the line to go a bit further in that direction; maybe one or two units in the X Y axis in the direction you want your line to go.


I found that SVG can be used in different forms.

SVG is currently used in a wide and growing number of contexts and put to some rather amazing applications. Some of the more common applications include:

Web graphics :- With ever improving inter operation with other standards like CSS,XSL,XML and such, your images can actually respond to the environment in which they are viewed.

Logos :- Creating logos and keeping them up to date in all the sizes needed is far easier when it all can be the same image scaled to fit.

Online maps :- There has been an intense interest from the GIS and mapping communities as in many instances an SVG map takes but a fraction of the bandwidth of a raster map. Even Googlemaps has an SVG option. The elemental nature of SVG also makes it very straight forward to make a map interactive and to overlay data.

Graphical User Interfaces for WebApps :- Conceptually an SVG application affords the web author a standards based approach to producing applications once restricted to venues like macromedia's flash.

Charting and other data visualization :- The fact that SVG is based upon XML means that merging data dynamically with a drawing is about as simple as XSL. This means that the same SVG chart drawing could be used for multiple reports like a template.

As with most people I agree that the SVG are time consuming and is hard to learn how to do properly with all the script writing and sometimes having to randomly placing a coordinate when the x,y graph fails to pinpoint a specific coordinate unless you use an SVG program like Inkscape then it does become much easier.

SVG is an enjoyable way to make those simple images but it can become an annoyance if you don't have the SVG progrms but the good point of SVG as said previously, is that it is lightweight it doesn't take up as much space as bitmap though Bitmap does not restrict our possiblities as much as SVG.

Sweet Angel (research):


This tutorial shows how to add Voice control to SVG, using the example of a game:

The game displays several objects on screen, and the object of the game is to make all the objects have the same shape and color - you can do this by issuing voice commands to the page, such as "change the blue squares to red triangles" or "switch the yellow shapes to circles". Once a player does so they win and the game ends. The game allows you to change various parameters such as the number of objects and players. The SVG game works in Firefox 1.5+ and Opera 9+. To control the game using your voice you need to use Opera for Windows.

If you want to make a voice controlled svg game, please refer to this website.

I think that SVG is really cool but a bit time consuming. my favourite thing is the polyline points becuase it is really easy.

I got this web address which has all the information which you need for buiding SVG's. It teaches you how to draw from basic shapes to hard ones. This site also teaches to use filters, gradients and blurs.