1) If you haven't done it yet go to firstImpressions page and change your name to an alias and put a comment about the xo or sugar
(27/8 Wednesday -death-god, blosiacregrowner and qwerty69 still to do this)

2) Experiment with setting up your own page under your alias name and uploading a picture, writing some words of your own, linking to other pages in this wiki and experimenting with formatting features in the edit bar - everyone has now done this but the quality varies, the idea was to experiment with the formatting features (look in the marks book for the mark you have received)

3) Votes page - vote for each piece of sugar software (go to sugar page for brief description). Don't vote yet on those in italics, we need more information before voting. Votes received so far from MA, BL, Ba, AZN, GR, PH, Sm. Thanks, need more.

4) Check out research page, tell teacher if there is some topic you would like to research - add your own if you want, eg. azu added links about keyboard shortcuts

5) Brainwashed - what is your opinion? Record there. Join in the discussion, too!!

6) If you want start your own discussion page

7) Grunty has started a forum . Go there for comments and to discuss issues to do with the XO and Sugar OS

8) Joel has raised an issue to do with aliases on the controversies page. Go there to have your say.

9) New page: Initiative - you will receive credit for initiatives, please check with teacher before recording your initiative on this page.

10) Any questions for joel, ask on the questions page

11) Borrow the green machine (xo), take a photo, make a recording, make a video (you can work in a small group for this)

WEEK 7-8, TERM 3:

12) Learn Turtle Art through making your own and studying the samples

13) On this wiki write down information about turtle art (impressions, questions, etc.)

14) Upload a screenshot to your personal page of some creation you have made with turtle art

NB: Put your comments and screenshots on your student pages when working during class time. The wiki can't handle multiple edits at the same time

WEEK 9 and 10, TERM 3:

15) Morphic and Etoys
a) Load etoys
b) Do the car tutorials, the pdfs are on the L drive in the year10 folder (Project1-7)
c) Put some screen shots into your personal pages of this wiki
d) Write a comment saying what you think of etoys - more detail is better than just one sentence


1) Write a comment saying what you think of the sugar UI - read the discussion that is on that page before you write

2) Modifying Sugar
a) follow the SVG page first task
b) follow hackingUI page instructions

3) Assist in working out which activities support collaboration and which don't, see Collaboration_stud page for Getting Started Instructions

4) Dr Geo tasks, see the DrGeoII page for list of tasks