Okey Dokey, this is what I think of E-Toys.

It's a great game, for those who have no life and have a lot of patience and can understand how the stupid, ugly layout works.
I personaly dislike the game a lot. It's hard to understand, annoying to use, and there are very limited things that you can do with it.

However, I discovered a few things which are handy. For example. Say you wanted to take a screen shot of one equation that you have made
and you wanted to send it to a friend. Why would you take a screen shot of the whole screen, go into paint, open it, then cut the equation out,
then save it, then delete the old file (Sugar doesn't overwrite!)?

Why on earth would you go to all that effort when you can just drag your equation into that annoying border that always pops up when you go
to near to the edge of the screen?

Once you have done that an image file will appear in the border. Hover over it and it will come up with 3 options. Open With..., Remove, and
Keep. If you Open With... Paint then you can edit it. Or if you open it with E-Toys then it will take that equation and make it into a
sprite / object / image or whatever the hell you want to call it.

Anywho, just a quick opinion on the Sugar program itself. I think it's horribly boring and, I don't believe I'm saying this, I agree with Daniel
on most aspects. It's dull and mediocre. It cannot play MP3 files. When you open up your USB it gets all the files, takes them out of their
folders and makes them into a list. After your USB has been plugged into it, it will make a folder called .olpc store. The splash screens are
lame and anyone with Windows 1998 with Paint could make a better picture. However, this is just my opinion. I will now evaluate the program
in the eyes of someone who doesn't know much about computers.

It would be a good thing to teach children with in school, except if they did teach it in primary schools they would need to make a much more
advanced Sugar program that is for the older people who wish to continue on with a computer career. I say this because this is not like any
other program and if you grew up with this then you would not be able to learn how to use Windows XP or Vista easily as Sugar is nothing
like them. So it would be a good idea for small children or poor children in other countries. But I don't think it would be good for anyone else.

Also, does anyone know how to temporarily pause the script. For example, on scratch you can "Wait 2 Seconds". I'm wondering whether
you can do this on E-Toys.

Ok, now about SVG
As I've been working on my SVGs a lot lately I've noticed some interesting things.
Everyone says that Firefox is better then Opera and IE etc. And I agree with them.
However, when it comes to SVG, Opera is the best.

It is called a Scalable Vector Graphic because no matter how much you enlarge or shrink it, the image will not distort in anyway
However, what's the use of making a SCALABLE Vector Graphic if you cannot scale it in Firefox.
With Firefox (Newer Versions) and Opera you can hold down CTRL and scroll up or down and it will make the image on the screen larger
However, older versions of Firefox do not support this and they only enlarge text.
Opera allows zooming up to 1000x and you can do this by holding down CTRL and scrolling up or down.

So for SVGs, Opera is much better then Firefox
But for everything else, Firefox is better then anything else.

I have also found out this:
We all know how there's fill-opacity="0.5" etc.
There is also stroke-opacity="0.5" etc.
And also, if they both have the same opacity and you can't be bothered typing both of them in, you can do this:
opacity="0.5" etc.

Also the reason why I have the etc. after the "0.5" is because you do not need to put in 0.5, it can be any number.