Have Woody High students been brainwashed by MicroSoft?

They all seem to want folders on the XO but why do you need folders if you have good search and tagging?? Beats me

Phoozle had this to say "I have not been brainwashed! The UNIX OS has been using folders for years way before Microsoft, and so has the human race; maybe not on computers but definitely in offices and other departments for physical data stroage and organisation."

Gruntyrumble says "LoL! Absolutely correct! I totally agree with Phoozle. Everyone uses folders, both in computers and to store physical data. Even Mr. Kerr might be using folders to store work and other stuff."

Kerr says: Yes, I do use folders Grunty in the physical world and on my computer too. But with gmail or delicious account I can do it all with search and labels. One advantage of a tag system is that I can put the same item under different labels. This is better than making 3 copies for a physical folder type system.

Good point phoozle about Unix OS. Still, that doesn't mean that the folder concept is not now outdated. Read the 2 articles under the USER INTERFACE heading on the research page and tell me what you think then?

Sinister-Moon says: " I agree with what Phoozle and Gruntyrumble had to say so i will not repeat what is already said about the folders, but I will say that folders keeps files organised and not scattered."

Azumanga says: "A good search engine and tags are OK but I prefer folders for the organsiation and to hide items I don't want others to see."

Machineab says: "We don't need folders now a days. I agree with Mr.Kerr because everyone is used to windows and its folders. Tagging is also a good idea because it specifies the file and more useful than afolder."

Kerr says: You wanna hide your gear in folders azu, but what if someone looks in your folder!! (tag systems have privacy options btw).

It just seems that most people like folders because that is what they are used to - but why is it that something that is necessary in the physical world would also be necessary in the virtual world - there are other and better ways of doing things, maybe?

Forster says: The important thing about a file system is not the files, its the heirarchy (spelling?). Its natural to subdivide and subdivide again. For example we live in a galaxy, world, country, suburb, street, house number. That's how we find places, not with tags. Would you deliver mail to Mr Kerr using the tags teacher, chess, sugar? If the tags were heirarchical I would have less complaint. I have another complaint. There is a file system under Sugar, giving learners access to it is a way of maximising their opportunities to do things and learn by problem solving in ways the designers never considered.

FluX says: We have not been brainwashed. It's the easiest way to organise stuff. btw, vista has tags aswell as heaps of other Linux OS's and mac. i dont mind the sugar way but im more used to the folders.

Death-God says: I like using folders a lot more than tags. Tags can be easy to use and are good for certain things but I'm more used to folders, and so are a lot of other people. I agree 100% with Forster, it's normal to subdivide things into different catagories.

Blosiacregrowner says: Brainwashed. There is no such thing since basically you get used to what you grow up with and use most often people who use alot more linux are going to be used to linux or unix people are more used to unix or microsoft people are used to microsoft. People who have never used folders would probably prefer no folders and would probably find it wierd to use folders but people adjust to what they're given!

Gruntyrumble is saying: Mr. Kerr, you LOSE!!! The XO Sugar does use a folder system. Thanks to Flux, we now know it! :P

Azumanga replys to Kerr: Um... I can always right clikc and hide the items. Also I can put a tag on that where you cannot find it unless you type in the code for a WINZIP encryption.

Baby Angel says: I agree with you Mr. Kerr. Tags is not a bad idea. I think it is useful than folders. Now, everyone uses folders. We should have something different and advanced too. Is'nt it?