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baby angel
I am disappointed with this etoys because it does'nt show my USB down the journal.
OF COURSE! nothing is 100% proper.

Now, I have to complete things in double lesson tommorow i.e on 23rd of tuesday and show the random car racing and single car
running in one day. I can't save anything. I will just do everything in one lesson and show to Mr.kerr. I can't gather after the end of term.
that's disgusting!


I had a bit of problem with paint but that solved. (22 September)

IF we save a project with the name"car", it does'nt save with that particular name when it comes in the journal. it changes into etoys project.
then we have to open up the project and change the name on the journal after it is saved.

Can we import the word document file in etoys? OR Can we write a text on our own in etoys?

Can we import the script of scratch in etoys?

Can we import the images in etoys?

Etoys works with images and its scripts. Images work with scripts in various ways.

We can make an interesting script of moving a car or any image in different ways.

Kasparov explains: The files save on the USB but disappear when reloading (the journal is empty). BA saved her file on her own USB but then couldn't find a computer that would recognise two USBs at once. Very frustrating

I think that e-toys is good and interesting for us because we have grown up using computers. But for the children of the third world it would be too confusing to use the scripts.

Secondly, I want to say if someone want to save their file and open it again, then they wouldn't be able to open it again because it no more exists on the journal. So, they have to redo everything which they did last time.

Is there any sound contoller in E-toys so that you can control the volume made by different sounds.

Can you open the files in E-toys which are made by different or new version of E-toys?

I think wouldn't be that famous among children because they expect something easy and creative to use.
(25 September, updated 13th October)

I think that if etoys was compared with scratch and turtle art it would not make the standards of those two programs though if that was the first program i saw i might think it a bit better until i saw turtle art and scratch. If i was an african child recieveing it i would probably rate it very highly though i think scratch and turtle art are the two better programs though as im not an african child i have to say if it wants to meet any good standards it needs alot of work though i do like the tutorials and demos.
(23 September 2008)

Personally, I think the Etoys program is perfect for those little programmers out there. Me not so much because I haven't an ounce of creativity and Etoys annoys the hell out of me because my USB doesn't work.

I think a third world child receiving a computer with this would be inquisitive and try to learn everything about it. One serious flaw is that it is not an intuitive interface where we can become programming legends right of the bat. Rather, instead of telling users to copy previous projects made, the XO PC should come with help interface in order to explain how each command works. Also. the help interface should have the option of choosing what language you read it in.
(23 September)

I think that the Etoys program can be very fun and interesting to work on as a little project to work on. Though like everybody else the problem with the USB is a great annoyance and can spoil the mood of some people, like the Complaint God, FluX.

From what I think, for a third world child they may like the Etoys but they may get frustrated with it if they do not know how to use it properly so i would like to see what Azumanga has suggested, a help interface to explain how each command works to help them use Etoys with greater efficiency.

A suggestion for Etoys is that they should implement a history to see what we have done in the Etoys image painter so if we need to undo more than once we can or at least have mulitple undos because only being able to undo once is quite frustrating.
(23 September)

Etoys is a very simple scripting/programming application. It is not the particularly high standard programming software that you might expect. But it is good enough for people newer to computers as an introductory programming software.
(25 September)


i agree with gruntyrumble although i think that there should be more tools to make the graphics really good.
(25 September)
update: Etoys is a great program. i think it could have real potential to be a more general program so that everyone can use it, 3rd world country kids may not be able to have the training to use it so i think that it should be more general rather than programming.

Etoys, with its own unique environment and programming ease allows production of multi-media projects such as games, animation or presentations.

Some limits to the program are that to view a project you must have Etoys installed; it does not have a compile feature. Another is that it does not have many programmable functions and configurations which can limit what you can produce; thus giving the program the feeling of restriction.

The program it self has obviously not been designed for high end productions but to teach the basics of programming using a visual environment. Another problem with the program is the whole syntax and layout of code isn’t very generic and doesn’t resemble other programming languages such as java or python.

In conclusion compared to similar programs such as Scratch this is a low rated program which could use some more developing such as improvement of graphics and interface
(25 September)


Okey Dokey, this is what I think of E-Toys.

It's a great game, for those who have no life and have a lot of patience and can understand how the stupid, ugly layout works.
I personaly dislike the game a lot. It's hard to understand, annoying to use, and there are very limited things that you can do with it.

However, I discovered a few things which are handy. For example. Say you wanted to take a screen shot of one equation that you have made and you wanted to send it to a friend. Why would you take a screen shot of the whole screen, go into paint, open it, then cut the equation out, then save it, then delete the old file (Sugar doesn't overwrite!)?

Why on earth would you go to all that effort when you can just drag your equation into that annoying border that always pops up when you go to near to the edge of the screen?

Once you have done that an image file will appear in the border. Hover over it and it will come up with 3 options. Open With..., Remove, and
Keep. If you Open With... Paint then you can edit it. Or if you open it with E-Toys then it will take that equation and make it into a
sprite / object / image or whatever the hell you want to call it.

Also, does anyone know how to temporarily pause the script. For example, on scratch you can "Wait 2 Seconds". I'm wondering whether
you can do this on E-Toys.
(23 September)