What the class thought after one week of using the sugar software (15th August) and Joel's response to these impressions
Year 10 comment
Joel response
FluX UI – XO icon – should be customised
Voice synthesizer should speak within program
UI is confusing –
Scratch costumes missing
This was discussed, but decided to keep it consistent.


Can’t play video
No effective media player (legal issue)
Etoys only plays midis, not other formats
This should work with the right players.

Yep. There are activities that can play OGG Vorbis and Theora, but not the patented codecs.

There is a mplayer activity that will play xvid/dvix video and mp3s -most of the files people come across. It should be sufficent for playing back downloaded tv shows at full screen (i've done this)

It did play mp3s, but they had to rip that out due to patent concerns.


More customisations
Portable hard drive not detected
Wants folders
That's a bug. Works for me.

Add Pidgin – (open source IM program)
Does existing chat work on internet?
I believe there's a pidgin activity.

It does work between XOs, and updated versions will allow chatting to non-xo jabber clients (that is, google talk)
Not showing folders on USB key
The journal should scan your usb key and display all content. It won't distingiush between folders though :(

Does the current journal implement tags? I know it's a planned feature. Also, did they use the filters for filetypes much?

Gmail uses a tag based system very effectively, but the students are right - once you begin to have a large amount of content, folders provide an amount of structure that feels good to have.

As an example, my gmail account has ~4GB of email, and I subscribe to ~30 email lists. Recently I've added folders support through a greasemonkey extension, http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/8810,
which helps manage things a lot
Easy to use interface
Tool tips should be more comprehensive
Good observation.

I installed the latest joyride on my B3 last night. The experience was amazing - automatic activity install and update, the gui is much slicker. Improvements that won't matter so much for students who
haven't seen laptops before, but those who are familar and like tweaking them to their liking will love the improvements. Next week we'll have three of my XOs there with the latest joyride.

Voice synthesiser is really good
Implode and maze are good games
Jump is good if you are patient and bored

Baby angel-
The games are enjoyable
and useful for brainwash.
The Google does'nt show all the results of search even though they don't relate so much to the search.
The laptop can be carried very easily as it is small. It does'nt even break after dropping on the solid ground. That's good.


Needs a help key for every activity for the people who don't know how to use the laptop. All the games are good and the laptop is very portable and also easy to use.

Sugar is designed to learn by exploring, particularly exploring with your peers. The idea is you sit with your classmates, try pressing all the buttons, and when something works you share with the group and improve your knowledge.

If you think that idea is rubbish, there's some guides online here:


Note that one of the guides only tells you how to get connected to the internet - presumably once you're online, you can use the wiki or a search engine to answer your question.
Yeah the games are good for keepin self entertained and very good that it has scratch in it as that can make things fun. if coming from windows or linux its very different and would take some time to getting used to.
So coming from traditional desktops makes sugar strange to use, that's a fair observation.

How about coming from a toaster? microwave? TV? Xbox? Do you think users familiar with those pieces of technology would have more, less, or the same amount of trouble?