I am Sweetangel

I love doing Hip-Hop

Break-dancing is cool

Dancing is a good exercise and also a talent.

Sweet Angel

The XO laptops are portable but difficult to use. They would have been more interesting if they were touch screen because now-a-days everything is touch screen. Maybe it should have a solar charger so that you can charge it wherever you are (in sunlight). Its appearance looks like a kid's toy and it doesn't look very professional. The screen is too small and you can't put a screensaver and a background on the desktop. The laptops should come in different shapes and sizes. The graphics are not of high quality and also the shortcuts and the opening of folders is stupid.That is why it wouldn't look good if older people began to use it. We people find it hard to use because we are brainwashed by Windows. I think windows is better than XO.

There are advantages and disadvantages for each and every object. The advantage of Sugar XO is that it is unbreakable, water resistant and portable. The disadvantage is that the programs run very slowly and it takes heaps of time to load anything. The advantage of Windows is that you can open anything you want just by clicking it. It is very easy and anyone can follow the instructions and it gets even better once you get used to it. The disadvantage is that... When you install the sugar software on your computer, it won't support any external cd games which are meant for Windows and Vista.

If I had a choice between Sugar and Windows, I would definitely go for Windows. Anyways, XO would be great for the children of the third world. There are many activities to help the children. for eg. turtle art which would help them to learn different shapes. It is still developing and it maybe it will reach up to the level where people would be rushing in to buy the XO laptops.