Revealing hidden views

The Home View defaults to a circular ring of Activity icons, but other patterns are available. There are preprogrammed patterns in Sugar and you can create your own.
1. You need to familiarize yourself with the Terminal Activity before you begin. Please refer to the chapter on the Terminal Activity for details on the GNU/Linux shell.
2. Open the Terminal Activity.
3. Since the Sugar source code is in a protected part of the system, you'll need to get a "root shell" in order to make changes. Type this command and press enter:
su -l (this is a lower case L or an l, not a one (1)
4. The Home View code is in /usr/share/sugar/shell/view/Home. Type this command and press enter:
cd /usr/share/sugar/shell/view/home
5. It is always a good idea to make a backup copy of your code before making changes. Type this command and press enter:
6. Use vi (or your favorite text editor) to open Type this command and press enter:
tips for using the editor
i for insert
press esc to get out of insert mode
:w (write, the same as save)
:q (quit)

7. You want to uncomment the code that unlocks the preprogrammed patterns by removing the # symbol (lines beginning with # are comments in Python).
_LAYOUT_MAP = {RING_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.RingLayout,
               #BOX_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.BoxLayout,
               #TRIANGLE_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.TriangleLayout,
               #SUNFLOWER_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.SunflowerLayout,
               RANDOM_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.RandomLayout}
_LAYOUT_MAP = {RING_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.RingLayout,
               BOX_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.BoxLayout,
               TRIANGLE_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.TriangleLayout,
               SUNFLOWER_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.SunflowerLayout,
               RANDOM_LAYOUT: favoriteslayout.RandomLayout}
8. Restart Sugar (by pressing ctrl + alt + erase). You can enjoy three new layouts for your Sugar Activity icons. (Tip of the hat to C. Scott Ananian for programming the "hidden" views.)