I'll keep a record here of who shows initiative and what they did. Tell teacher if I missed something you did. (you receive marks for this)

azu: found keyboard shortcuts and posted link to research page (+2)
azu: found the picture books: browse > books > picture books (+1)
azu: worked out how transfer screen shot to USB key (+2)

death-god: also independently worked out how to transfer screen shot to USB key (+2)

phoozle: helping with connectivity problem, big time (+5)
phoozle: successfully built a jabber server (+10)
phoozle: shutting down computers remotely (-1)
phoozle: taught me how to find the path of a screenshot located in the journal. Load the screenshot in the browser, the path shows up when you click in the file name display, eg as home/olpc/.sugar/default/data/picName.png. You can then use the copy command (cp) to copy the pic file to your USB key, eg. cp picName.png /media/USB_key_name (I need more detail about this) +1
phoozle: script for jabber server startup (+2)

grunty: started the forum, well done :-) (+4)
grunty: discovered clock variations, using right click, the clock is now less boring (+1)
grunty: sent out mail to everyone telling them about this forum (+1)
grunty: figured out, by asking joel (questions), that by typing "alsamixer" at the terminal prompt you can access volume controls; then by pressing z,x and q,w you can alter the <Master> (+2)

machineab: helped with the votes page, typed in all the activities, well, cut and paste actually (+2)

sinister moon: exemplary personal page (anonymous), brilliant!! (+2)
sinister moon: loaded ogg music from USB to journal - it played in the browser and visualised (+2)
sinister moon: then if you right click in the browser you can open it in a movie player (which does not appear in the activities list - help gives us the name, "totem movie player") (+2)

flux: first to send out mail (+2)
flux: discovered new activities, including simcity, through browse > activities > find activities - very useful (+2)

blosi: found a flipsticks screenshot (flipsticks does not fit on our screens), show me where please (+1)

Baby Angel: about chat recorded, explaining how to get into it and some of its features (+2)
Baby Angel: research into how someone configured the xo to their needs (link) (+2)
Baby Angel: research comparing the xo to the Classmate (+2)
Baby Angel: research about the XO OLPC (+2)
Baby Angel: XO compared with the Apple eMate (+2)
Baby Angel: OLPC planned touch screen special features

Sweet Angel: How to make a voice controlled SVG game (+2)
Sweet Angel: Opera 9.5 (+2)