a qwerty69 is where you get your head stuck in an airconditioner.
if this happens to you, call the police on 0118 999 911 999 111 725.... 3

A "whitworth" is where you can't go in the sun or you will melt.

Etoys is a great program. i think it could have real potential to be a more general program so that everyone can use it, 3rd world country kids may not be able to have the training to use it so i think that it should be more general rather than programming.

I don't really like this whole system. i think that most of the games aren't made very well and tend to have glitches and errors. i think it should be more educational about more subjects (i.e language, spelling, writing, reading, maths) rather than having dodgy games and stuff.

Its clever... but there are much easier ways to make nice pictures... i seriously doubt that most people who know whow to use html are artists.

<----------- SVG file from D://
I couldnt do this through terminal and browse because the computer wouldn't read my usb.