SUGAR SOFTWARE - a brief description

Analyze - the Sugar analyze tool (?)
BlockParty – Tetris-inspired game
Browse - Web browser based on Mozilla Firefox
Calculate – Basic Calculator which includes Algebra, Trigonometry, Boolean, Constants and Formula tabs
Cartoon Builder - Animate a cartoon character by creating a sequence of poses inside a filmstrip (MaMaMedia)
Chat - Text chat
Clock – A simple clock to learn how to read the time or to know the time it is. Different clock views are available (Analog, Digital, Nice...). Consistent colors help the child to learn how to read the time.
Distance – measure the distance between 2 laptops
DrGeo II - Euclidean Geometry
Etoys - Learning / visual programming / authoring environment; includes Kedama which can simulate hundreds or thousands of objects
FlipSticks - org.worldwideworkshop.olpc.FlipSticks Using keyframes, program a stick figure to twist, turn, tumble and dance (MaMaMedia)
GeoQuiz - A simple geography quiz... now with two continents
Guido van Robot - Educational programming language, IDE and lessons. Stable with 18 lessons included
HorseGame - Feed apples to the horse. A simple game for small children
ImageQuiz - Image Quiz Game
Implode – Logic game (easy, medium, hard levels)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Classic picture-constructing game (MaMaMedia)
Journal - Object and activity browser
Jump - A Marble-Jumping Solitaire Game. Works in Sugar; Created by a Team at Carnegie Mellon University
Log Viewer - the Sugar logging tool
Maze - Maze game
Measure – org.laptop.MeasureActivity Oscilloscope and Data Logging - requires sensors for input: AC/DC, temperature (see URL above)
Memorize - A game about finding matching pairs
Moon – Moon phase viewer, includes Lunar phase information, eclipse data, and various display options
News Reader
Paint - Simple paint activity
Pippy – Python Programming language/environment (run samples by clicking on grey horizontal line)
Read - Book/PDF reader
Record – photo, video, audio
Scratch - multimedia visual programming language
Slider puzzle- Slider Puzzle to improve on puzzle solving skills (MaMaMedia)
Speak – An animated face that speaks whatever you type
StarChart – Plots constellations, stars, some DSOs, planets, sun and moon for anywhere on Earth at any time (constellations, not named (?))
Story Builder - Graphical story constructor with a variety of characters and backgrounds and simple word-processing capabilities (MaMaMedia)
TamTamEdit - Music composition and synthesis
TamTamJam - Music composition and synthesis
TamTamMini - Music composition and synthesis
TamTamSynthLab - Music composition and synthesis
Terminal – linux command line (explore some linux commands)
TurtleArt - Logo graphical programming language
Words Activity – translation, English to Spanish (typed and spoken)
Write - Word processor
xo-get - A GUI for installing and removing activities

new activities on the new release, which may be downloaded from:

X2o: A puzzle solving and critical thinking game similar to the Incredible Machine; make crazy contraptions to get the O back on top of the X
video chat: Video/voice chat
org.laptop.StopWatchActivitystop watch: Sharable stopwatch activity
vu.lux.olpc.Pacmanpacman: A Pacman clone
develop: Development IDE/tool
gcompris: educational games
tux paint: Paint program for young children; stamps included, localized to 70 languages, stereo sound
guido van robot: Educational programming language, IDE and lessons; Stable with 18 lessons included
simcity: Construct and maintain your own city
xo-get: A GUI for installing and removing activities

UPDATE 10th October (these new activities have been installed on the teachers machine)
MikMik - Distributed wiki editor
Colours - Colors is a simple natural media painting activity for the XO laptop
Joke Machine - Start a multimedia jokebook and invite your friends to add jokes to it via the mesh
HelloMesh - Demo activity for Activity sharing and Collaboration Tutorial
Model - Model allows you to do System Dynamics modeling on the XO. System dynamics helps you think about and solve problems involving things changing over time
Poll Builder - Create a poll, collect votes and analyze community opinions
Conozco Uruguay - Geography of Uruguay, quiz and discovery - En español
Bridge - Build a bridge to get a train across a valley.
Cobble - "Collaborative Board Game Learning Environment". Die creation and chatbox currently working, please test.
Cellgame - A solitaire logic puzzle based on DNA promoters and repressors
Spacetag - "Tag, you're it." sequel to the acclaimed "Kick the Cosmic Can". Please test with more than 2 players.
Bounce - Bounce is a fast paced 3D action game for the XO laptop. The game is analogous to the arcade game Pong, however it takes place within a three dimensional box with physical effects such as gravity.
Asteroids - Play the classic Asteroids game
ePals - The ePals activity allows teachers and students to communicate with the ePals Global Community of learners from around the world
Learning Center - Resources for students/teachers exploring the XO and MaMaMedia Creative Center in-class and independently. Please test!
Classroom Presenter - Interactive slide show learning program
Sudoku - Sudoku from the GCompris collection of games
Ruler - Graphical cm/mm ruler and grids to take measurements of lengths and angles of objects the size of XO laptop screen
Firefox - Mozilla Firefox
Read ETexts - Gutenberg ETexts reader
Physics - A physical world simulator and playground
Watch & Listen - Media player. Helix media player (non-FOSS codecs must be downloaded separately)
Audacity - Audio recording and multitrack editing
mplayer - Media player with a wide range of supported formats (including mp3). Initial bundle for testing, feedback appreciated
View Slides - Sequential image reader. Accessed by opening a Zip file containing a group of image files named in sequence.
Frotz - Play interactive fiction games (also known as text adventures)
Xaos - An old-skool fractal zoomer, this is the raddest program ever!!!!! A fast Mandelbrot generator with lots of cool features
Sonata - Play music from local/external storage. Musicpd backend and frontend
Kuku Anakula - Educational tutorial game